Favorite Things, Inside Out

Here’s me in my brand-new vest, knit from Quince & Co Sparrow and one of the lovely designs from Knitbot Linen. This photo is also a contribution to Fashion Revolution Day, which I learned about from the amazing Abigail Doan.


I thought this would be a great day to link to something I wrote for A Verb For Keeping Warm, almost a year ago. It’s a reflection on a maker’s place in the fashion food chain. Follow this link to read “Favorite Things” on the Verb blog.

Thank you, Abigail, for turning me on to Fashion Revolution Day! And thank you to the Verb team and every clothes-making bad-ass I know. Turn it #insideout y’all. -H/Х 






4 responses to “Favorite Things, Inside Out

  1. Loved that sweater in the Verb article! and the article itself! Great writing 🙂

  2. I found out about you and your blog via The Tailor Project. I am enjoying reading your blog. I also participated in FRD. Thank you for sharing. Karen in Australia.


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